May 2, 2024 at 8:00 AM CT

Important Update -- Change Healthcare is experiencing a cyber security issue. Once we became aware of the outside threat, in the interest of protecting our partners and patients, we took immediate action to disconnect our systems to prevent further impact.

Register for a Temporary Funding Assistance Program webinar or learn more on their website, and find more information on the Provider Portal.

Resource Library

This section contains additional Care Provider resources including links to the latest UnitedHealthcare news, drug lists, information on joining our network and helpful tips for using UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.

The UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal is your gateway to our self-service tools.

The portal can quickly provide the comprehensive information you may need for most UnitedHealthcare benefit plans – without the extra step of calling for information. You can capture screenshots of your activity or record reference numbers for better documentation. Learn more about UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.