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Reminder: Balance billing is not permitted

Use our online tools to eliminate balance billing and remain compliant with your UnitedHealthcare Provider Agreement.

February monthly overview

Review the latest UnitedHealthcare prior authorization, medical policy, pharmacy, reimbursement, laboratory and policy and protocol updates.

Advance healthy equity during Black History Month

Complete free CEU courses that support cultural competency and social drivers of health.

Wisconsin Medicaid: Requirements and best practices for lead screening in children

Wisconsin DHS requires all children enrolled in Medicaid to receive blood level tests at set ages. Learn more.

New Jersey: Refer patients to Oxford Preferred Lab Network

You can help reduce patients’ out-of-pocket costs by referring them to the Oxford Preferred Lab Network.

Wisconsin Medicaid: Help children access preventive care

See how HealthCheck, a Medicaid benefit from Wisconsin DHS, helps ensure access to preventive care for children.

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