Join Our Network

Become part of a network of physicians, health care professionals and facilities who share our commitment to helping people live healthier lives and making the health care system better for everyone.

There are four steps to joining our network:

Step 1

Submit your request for participation.

Step 2

Verify your experience and expertise.

Step 3

Review and sign your participation agreement.

Step 4

Set up your online tools, paperless options and complete your training.

Want to know more about UnitedHealthcare? 

Learn: The Plans We Offer

We offer a full spectrum of health plans – Medicare, commercial and Medicaid (community plans).

Telehealth only?

 Are you interested in becoming a network health care professional who delivers care through telehealth services only? Please contact us.

Discover: What’s Ahead

This short video outlines what you can expect as you prepare to join the UnitedHealthcare network. View video transcript text.