Provider portal registration

Provider portal registration for new users. Discover how you can access the UnitedHealthcare provider portal 24/7. Sign up for portal access today.

Welcome new users

The UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal is the secure place where we work together seamlessly 24/7/365 for accessing patient and practice-specific information including:

  • Eligibility and benefits
  • Claims
  • Prior authorizations
  • Referrals
  • Forms, reports and more

What you'll need

Access in 4 easy steps 


Create a One Healthcare ID

Create your own One Healthcare ID to register your secure access

Sign in

Log in to complete tasks and manage your account

Connect your TIN

Connect organization TIN(s) and adjust settings

Learn to use the portal

Easy-to-use portal self-paced educational tools
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Manage your account

In the provider portal, you can:

  • Update your profile
  • Change account settings
  • Add, change and deactivate users
  • Reactivate a closed account 
  • Set up new sign-in options

Frequently asked questions

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No. Each user needs to create their own One Healthcare ID and connect it to any applicable tax ID numbers (TINs).

Unique IDs are the only way to:

  • Help ensure your log-in credentials remain private
  • Receive personalized email notifications and TrackIt reminders for your work
  • Customize your UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal views
  • Maximize productivity and project handoffs using Document Library Teams View 

The provider portal registration includes the following organizations:

  • Health care professional
  • Health care facility
  • Billing company
  • Business vendor

The first step for new organizations is the selection of a primary access administrator and completing a One Healthcare ID registration to assign this user unique login credentials.

Yes. For security and privacy, all users have unique logins and can manage their own profiles and settings.

Primary access administrator

  • An organization can have only one primary access administrator
  • Can create and manage users
  • Validate and attest for the organization and additional user registrations
  • Only user within an organization that can manage paperless delivery and 3rd party access


  • An organization can have unlimited administrators
  • Can control access for other administrators and standard users
  • Can create new users, finalize registration requests and manage users   
  • Approve user job functions
  • Control user access to the appropriate organization tax ID numbers (TINs)

Standard user

  • An organization can have unlimited standard users
  • Can register and request portal access approval from primary access administrator or an administrator

Once registration is complete and approved, an email verification is sent.

To safeguard all data, portal accounts are automatically deactivated after 90 consecutive days of inactivity. To reactivate an account, contact your organization’s administrator.