New user & user access

You can manage information, register, add, change and deactivate users all in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal.

The UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal allows you to take action and quickly access information regarding eligibility, prior authorization, claims and electronic letters and reports.

In order to access secure content and sign in to the portal, you’ll need to first register with a One Healthcare ID. Follow the steps below to register with the portal as well as add or deactivate users, update personal profile information, and update or change who has access to different parts of the portal.

New User Registration

To start the registration process, new users will need to create a One Healthcare ID and then connect it to their organization. Be sure to view the following steps for more details.

Step 1: Create a One Healthcare ID

One Healthcare ID securely manages your account, so you can sign in to integrated applications. To use the portal, you must first create a One Healthcare ID.

Step 2: Select your organization type

You can choose between 3 organizational types: Health care professional or facility, revenue cycle management/billing company or business vendor.

Step 3: Connect your organization’s tax ID number (TIN) and confirm your information

After you select your organization type, enter your organization’s TIN, confirm your account information and follow the remaining prompts.

If your organization is completely new to the portal, you’ll see an alert that a Primary Access Administrator is required. See the topic "Primary Access Administrator Registration" in the Registration and user management guide for more thorough information.

Step 4: Select your job function and portal access

Select the job function(s) that most closely aligns to your role in your organization. Please note: Clinicians and physicians will be required to enter a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number.

Step 5: Portal approval

New registrations and requests for additional access will be sent to an Administrator for approval. You’ll receive an email once the request is approved. 

Update your information with Profile & Settings

In the portal, you can simply click on your name in the top-right corner to view Profile & Settings. You'll be able to update and select: 

  • Account Information & Job Function – Where you can check your current access 
  • Organization & Tax ID Access – View which tax IDs you're authorized for
  • Communication Preferences – Adjust where you'd like portal communications, such as security codes etc., to be sent
  • Request Access – Where you can send a request to your manager for additional access
  • Reactivate Training Tips – See on-screen training support for quick reference

Access Management

Add, change or deactivate users in the portal

Once you’re completely registered with the portal, there are 3 distinct roles a user can have: Primary Access Administrator, Administrator, Standard User. Access Management is only for Primary Access Administrator and Administrator roles. Standard Users will not have the same view.

Each practice or organization has one designated Primary Access Administrator but can have multiple Administrators and Standard Users. All roles, including Standard Users, have access to account information (organization, tax ID, name, address, etc.) in Profile & Settings. For security and privacy reasons, every user in your organization must have a unique ID and password.

To find Access Management in the portal, administrators can sign in and go to Practice Management in the upper menu.

Deactivation from the portal

It’s important to keep your account active

To safeguard member and health care professional data, we automatically deactivate your account if you haven’t signed in to the portal for 90 consecutive days. To keep your account active, all you’ll need to do is sign in to the portal. If you no longer need access to the portal, no action is required.

If your account gets deactivated

If you’re an Administrator or Standard User, your Primary Access Administrator can reactivate your account. If you’re not sure who your assigned Administrator is or if you’re the Primary Access Administrator for your organization and need to reactivate your account, contact UnitedHealthcare Web Support at or call 866-842-3278, option 1, from 7 a.m.–9 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday.