Texas Medicare Advantage Health Plans

COVID-19 CMS Out of Network Notification

For UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage members directly affected in a material way by the national public health emergency, to meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements, we will:

  • Allow Part A and Part B and supplemental Part C plan benefits to be furnished at specified non-contracted facilities (note that Part A and Part B benefits must, per 42 CFR §422.204(b)(3), be furnished at Medicare certified facilities)
  • Waive in full, requirements for gatekeeper referrals where applicable
  • Temporarily reduce plan-approved out-of-network cost-sharing to in-network cost-sharing amounts
  • Waive the 30-day notification requirement to enrollees as long as all the changes (such as reduction of cost-sharing and waiving authorization) benefit the enrollee

The following includes a list of the plans available in Texas. For more information on a particular plan, click on the plan name.