October 20, 2022

North Carolina: Avoid denials with timely filing of claims

Timely filing of claims helps ensure payment to health care professionals who participate with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. The receipt date of the claim is either the date stamp on the claim, the date the claim was electronically received or the date we received the claim.


  • Submit claims for reimbursement no later than 1) 180 days from the date of service, 2) the time specified in your provider agreement or 3) the time frame specified in the state guidelines, whichever is greatest.
  • If you do not submit claims within these time frames, we reserve the right to deny payment for the claim(s).
  • Claim(s) that are denied for untimely filing may not be billed to a member.

We are committed to paying claims for which we are financially responsible within 30 days.


Submit claims online using the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Go to and click on the sign-in button in the top-right corner. You can use the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal to:

  • View and submit claims
  • View, submit and flag reconsiderations
  • Submit information on pended claims
  • Find confirmations and access letters, remittance advice and reimbursement policies

Submit paper claims to:

  • UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
    PO Box 5280
    Kingston, NY 12402-5240


Go to for more information or contact Provider Services at 800-638-3302.

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