November 01, 2022

Complete Special Needs Plan MOC training

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires all special needs plans (SNPs) to provide initial and annual Model of Care (MOC) training to network providers contracted to see SNP members and out-of-network providers who routinely see SNP members. Every year, the deadline for training completion is Dec. 31.

Our SNP MOC training is available as a self-paced course on, and it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Training requirements

CMS requires MOC training if you’re a health care professional contracted to see SNP members or an out-of-network licensed independent practitioner (LIP) who routinely treats and/or provides services to UnitedHealthcare SNP members.

There’s one exception – if you only see UnitedHealthcare commercial members, you don’t have to complete the training.

MOC training overview

An MOC is a document, reviewed and approved by CMS, describing the structure, processes and systems used by a SNP to coordinate care for members with special needs. It must include these 4 elements:

  • SNP population description
  • Care coordination elements
  • Care provider overview
  • Quality measurement and performance goals

CMS requires all SNPs to provide MOC training. Care management processes vary across insurers and CMS doesn’t offer centralized SNP MOC training. This means you may be asked to complete multiple trainings.

View more information about the types of SNPs in the UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide, Chapter 4.


If you have questions about the training, contact the UnitedHealthcare SNP MOC training team:

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