November 01, 2022

VCP statements going digital starting Feb. 3

Last modified: Oct. 30, 2023
Update: Contact and questions section updated to reflect new chat services

If you receive virtual card payment (VCP) statements in the mail, beginning Feb. 3, 2023, we’ll no longer mail VCP statements. Instead, you’ll be able to view them 24/7 through the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal or an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows you to automate document retrievals. 

This change only applies to network commercial and UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage health care professionals (primary and ancillary) and facilities who are receiving VCPs.* It doesn’t affect those using automated clearinghouse (ACH).

Please share the following changes and digital workflow options with those who are affected, including outside vendors such as revenue cycle management companies.

View virtual card payment statements 1 of 2 ways

1. Document Library in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal: 

  • Go to > Sign In
  • Sign in to the portal with your One Healthcare ID and password
  • In the menu, select Documents & Reporting > Document Library > Payment Documents folder


  • We encourage you to set up a daily task to check Document Library for updates
  • Finding documents: Use Advanced Search and search by Member Name, Case ID or Claim No. to help you find what you need. For letters available after June 30, 2022, you can also search by Member ID. 
  • Notifications: When new letters are available in Document Library, an email notification will be sent to the address on file, which is typically the Primary Access Administrator

- Need to notify multiple staff members? Document Library notifications are limited to 1 email address per letter type. If multiple staff members require notification, the Primary Access Administrator can consider using a group email address. See our Paperless Delivery Options for Primary Access Administrators Interactive Guide for more information.

2. API: Consider retrieving documents through API by automating system-to-system transactions. Data can be distributed to your practice management system or any application you prefer. API requires technical programming between your organization and UnitedHealthcare. 

To get started:

  • Go to API Marketplace 
  • Sign in to the marketplace with your One Healthcare ID and password
  • Click Start Registration Request button on the homepage
  • On the “Welcome” screen, select your organization type and click Register
  • Enter the tax ID number (TIN) and click Next
  • Follow the prompts to complete the registration process

Please allow 2 business days for our API Consultants team to contact you. 

Note: Attachments cannot be sent for other types of claim submissions.

What’s ahead in paperless

Letters we mail you aren’t the only communications going digital. Looking ahead to 2023, we’ll continue to provide and promote member health plan ID cards in digital formats, which may require changes in your patient intake process. In addition, contracted health care professionals and facilities will be required to submit most claims, claim attachments, reconsideration requests and appeal requests electronically.

All required paperless transitions will be announced in Network News at least 90 days prior to the change. We encourage you to explore our digital solutions and review your workflows so that your team is prepared. Review the most up-to-date information, exclusions and schedule at

UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal support

Connect with us 24/7 to get help with portal login, access and functionality questions. To get started, sign in to the portal with your One Healthcare ID. Then, select the chat icon at the bottom-right corner of the page. Support is also available by calling 866-842-3278, option 1.

*Currently excludes: UnitedHealthcare commercial and Medicare Advantage Plans of Colorado; and Behavioral Health.
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