December 14, 2023

Have you tried our new colorectal cancer screening tool?

We know it can be difficult to convince patients to get colorectal cancer (CRC) screenings, so we created our new CRC tool to help you navigate those challenging discussions. This new tool can help your patients better understand their CRC screening options and can help you improve your screening participation rates.

Use our new CRC screening shared decision-making tool to help your patients better understand:

  • The variety of options they have — from a traditional colonoscopy to more non-invasive tests
  • How each test is taken, the prep involved and the potential out-of-pocket cost
  • Which test is the best choice for them, based on their preferences

CRC screening option study

To show the benefits of CRC screening tools, we conducted a study between Nov. 2019 and Feb. 2020 across 8 primary care offices. For the participants, we selected 207 UnitedHealthcare members who were due for a colorectal cancer screening. Physicians asked the participants a brief series of questions, then used a colorectal cancer screening comparison tool to help these patients understand their options. 

The following chart outlines the study’s findings:*

Testing type Before implementing the CRC screening tool After implementing the CRC screening tool
Colonoscopy 76% 29%
FIT 20% 12%
Cologuard® 4% 59%
Decline rate 35% 6%

Questions? We're here to help.

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*The Effect of a Shared Decision-Making Process on Acceptance of Colorectal Cancer Screening. 
Prateek Verma, Kenneth Cohen and Ethan M. Berke. The Annals of Family Medicine January 2022, 20 (1) 89; 


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