February 16, 2023

Michigan Medicaid reimburses for doula services

Effective Jan. 1, 2023, Michigan Medicaid will cover doula services for care provided to birth parents in community-based, prenatal, labor and birth and postpartum settings when recommended by a licensed health care professional. Medicaid will reimburse doulas provided either as a Type 1 (individual) or a Type 2 (group) when associated with a Medicaid-enrolled organization.

What this means for you

As a health care professional recommending doula services for your patients, you must follow specific instructions when billing Medicaid for reimbursement. Read the Michigan Medicaid Policy Bulletin for details on billing requirements.

Support services for beneficiaries

Doulas are non-clinical providers who offer physical, emotional and educational support services to pregnant individuals and their families. According to Michigan Medicaid, doula services help improve birth outcomes and positively impact social determinants of health for the birth parent and child.

Learn more about the doula program in the Michigan Medicaid Policy Bulletin, including:

  • Doula qualifications and skills
  • Training programs and requirements 
  • Services covered by Medicaid
  • Preauthorization requirements
  • Claim reimbursements
  • Future doula developments


Visit the Medicaid Providers page on the Michigan Health & Human Services site for additional resources.

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