April 01, 2023

New oncology prior authorization codes for commercial plans

Effective July 1, 2023, we’ll require prior authorization for the following injectable chemotherapy and antiemetic medication HCPCS codes when administered in outpatient settings as treatment for cancer diagnosis:

HCPCS code Description
J1456 Injection, fosaprepitant (teva), not therapeutically equivalent to j1453, 1 mg
J1954 Injection, leuprolide acetate for depot suspension (lutrate), 7.5 mg
J1932 Injection, lanreotide, (cipla), 1 mg

Plans this applies to

These changes affect UnitedHealthcare commercial plans and UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage plans in all states, as well as UnitedHealthcare Community Plan in the following states:

Arizona Kentucky Mississippi Ohio Tennessee
Florida Louisiana Nebraska Pennsylvania Virginia
Hawaii Maryland New Jersey Rhode Island Washington
Kansas Minnesota New York Texas Wisconsin


For questions about oncology prior authorization:

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