October 04, 2023

Virginia Medicaid: No charge for doula referrals

Since July 2022, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Virginia has expanded maternity benefits for members. Coverage includes the cost of doula services for birth parents in community-based, prenatal, labor and birth and postpartum settings. To initiate the benefits, a licensed health care professional (obstetrician, primary care physician or specialist) must recommend doula services by submitting a referral form (at no charge to the member) to the Virginia Department of Health.

In addition, the expanded benefits cover 12-months of post-partum services for regular check-ups, behavioral health visits and specialty care, allowing individuals to receive treatment for chronic conditions and avoid preventable complications or deaths. This coverage is provided regardless of the member’s income changes.

What this means for you

As a health care professional, you must follow specific guidelines when recommending doula services for your patients who are UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members:

  • Refer members to state-certified, registered doulas in our network
  • Complete the Doula Care Recommendation Form at no charge to members 
  • Fax the completed referral form to our maternal care management team at 844-207-2913

You can help members find an in-network doula by going to Find a Provider on and selecting Medical Care Directory > Medicaid Plans > Virginia > UnitedHealthcare Community Plan/VA Medicaid > Change location. Type in the ZIP code, then type “Doula specialty” in the search bar and select “Doula Specialty.”

Learn more

Doulas are non-clinical providers who offer physical, emotional and educational support services to pregnant individuals and their families. For information on referring doula services to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members, view the “Doula Request/Referral Process” section of our Doula Orientation - UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Virginia interactive guide.


Chat with a live advocate 7 a.m.–7 p.m. CT from the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal Contact Us page or contact your provider advocate.


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