January 18, 2024

Update on unsolicited EDI 275 attachment capability

Last modified: March 15, 2024
Update: Added information about which clearinghouse can currently accept EDI 275 claim attachments.

In partnership with our affiliate Optum, we’re working to add more clearinghouses that can accept unsolicited Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 275 claim attachments.

Currently, only providers working with the clearinghouse Jopari can send us unsolicited claim attachments through an EDI 275 connection.

Benefits of this update

In addition to saving time, EDI 275 claim attachments also:

  • Save on printing and mailing/postage of the additional information
  • Streamline the process of sending the information to payers in a consistent manner
  • Provide electronic acknowledgment and proof of delivery/receipt
  • Maintain an audit trail of who has viewed personal health information and where it has been sent
  • Increase efficiency in determination of financial responsibility for medical services
  • Eliminate requests from us for supporting documentation

What's ahead

We’ll communicate when this capability becomes available through more clearinghouses. In the meantime, we recommend you visit our EDI 275 page for the most up-to-date information.

You may continue to use the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal to upload supporting documentation (solicited and unsolicited) for all claims. For more details, check out our Claims, Billing and Payments page.


If you currently submit EDI 275 transactions to us and have questions, please contact UnitedHealthcare EDI Support.


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