April 18, 2024

Arizona: Required health care workforce survey opened April 16

AZ Healthcare Workforce Goals and Metrics Assessment (AHWGMA) now available

Organizations contracted with the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), or Arizona Medicaid, are required to complete the 2024 AZ Healthcare Workforce Goals and Metrics Assessment (AHWGMA).

The AHWGMA online survey is:

Informational webinars and other AHWGMA resources are available at

AHWGMA overview

The AHWGMA is a statewide data collection tool used to help the Arizona Network assess current and future workforce needs. The AHWGMA is a collaborative effort by the Arizona Workforce Development (WFD) Coalition, which includes Workforce Development Administrators from all 9 Arizona managed care organizations (MCOs).


For questions regarding Workforce Development requirements, contact the Workforce Development Manager at

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