Network Bulletin, policy and protocol updates

October 2021 edition

This publication features important protocol and policy updates. You’ll find 30, 60 and 90-day notices and more.

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Medical policy update: October 2021

Commercial | Community Plan | Exchange | Medicare 

Medical policy updates for October 2021 for the following plans: Medicare, Medicaid, Exchanges, and commercial.

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Reimbursement Policy Update Bulletins: October 2021

Commercial | Community Plan | Exchange | Medicare 

You can review the details on October's reimbursement policy updates through the commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and Exchange plan bulletins.

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Specialty Medical Injectable Drug Program updates: October 2021

Commercial | Community Plan | Exchange | Medicare 

Specialty Medical Drug Program updates for UnitedHealthcare Commercial, Community Plan, Medicare Advantage, and Value & Balance Exchange plans for October 2021.

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Policy, drug and Protocol changes contained herein are effective and enforceable as of the dates indicated, pending notice from UnitedHealthcare to the contrary. Changes to these effective dates or updates to our business practices and policies as a result of COVID-19 will prevail and be posted on our care provider website as quickly as possible.  As with any public health issue, we are working with and following guidance and protocols issued by federal, state, and local health authorities. You can find the latest UnitedHealthcare COVID-19 related resources at

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