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Network Bulletin is a monthly publication that features important protocol and policy changes, administrative information and clinical resources.

In the September Network Bulletin, you can learn about paperless solutions, digital self-service tools, and Medical Policy updates.

Stay informed about COVID-19

Policy, drug and Protocol changes contained herein are effective and enforceable as of the dates indicated, pending notice from UnitedHealthcare to the contrary. Changes to these effective dates or updates to our business practices and policies as a result of COVID-19 will prevail and be posted on our care provider website as quickly as possible.  As with any public health issue, we are working with and following guidance and protocols issued by federal, state, and local health authorities. You can find the latest UnitedHealthcare COVID-19 related resources at

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Network Bulletin PDF Format Retiring

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare

All your Network Bulletin updates are online at

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4th Quarter 2020 Preferred Drug List Update

Community Plan 

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan’s Preferred Drug List (PDL) is updated quarterly by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.

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2021 Teleheath Policy Updates

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

Policy modifications for 2021 are making some members eligible for more telehealth services. 

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New Exchange Plans Resources

Arizona, Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington.

Review important resources for the exchange plans launching in January 2021. 

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Hospital Policy Requirement Changes

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

In 2021, we are updating the requirements for our hospital discharge and observation stay notifications policy.

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All Savers Alternative Funding Plans Update

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

Learn more about the name change rolling out later this year.


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2021 Telehealth Service Requirements

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

Policy modifications for 2021 are making some members eligible for more telehealth services. 

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Exchange Plans Prior Authorization Information


Review this important information about Prior Authorization submission for our new Exchange Plans.

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Radiology Program Procedure Code Changes 

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

See what codes now require prior authorization.

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Radiology and Cardiology Urgent Request Update 

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

Urgent requests for Radiology and Cardiology prior authorization and notification are getting easier.

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Prior Authorization and Site of Service Update


Learn how we are expanding our requirements colonoscopy procedures. 

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New (ED) Professional (E/M) Coding Policy Update 

Commercial | Medicare

The implementation date for medicare and commercial plans of the Emergency Department (ED) Professional Evaluation and Management (E/M) Coding Policy have been delayed.

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Tecartus Prior Authorization Requirement

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

Learn more about prior authorization requirements for Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell (CAR-T) Therapy.

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Cancer Therapy Pathways Program Opportunities

Commercial | Community Plan | Medicare 

See what new pathway has been added to this program.

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New York Epidural Reimbursement Update

Community Plan

Learn more about what is changing to better align with state guidelines. 

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Save time by using Link

We encourage you to take this time to train additional staff to use our online self-service tools on Link. They’re more important than ever to quickly verify eligibility, submit claims, check claim status, submit prior authorizations or submit claim reconsideration requests. 

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Monthly Policy and Program Bulletin Listings

You can access the complete details on reimbursement policy updates through the following bulletins.