NICU Genetic Testing Program

NICU Genetic Testing Program

NICU Genetic Testing Program

NICU Genetic Testing Program

NICU Genetic Testing Program

Create a unique, personalized care plan for each neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patient using a pre-approved rapid genetic test. With the NICU Genetic Testing Program, you’ll get detailed genetic information quickly to help you identify any suspected underlying genetic conditions. Having this information can help you create a personalized care plan, including targeted therapies, procedures and care options. Prior authorization is not required.

Available tests and approved processing labs*

XomeDxXpress®  test: Rapid whole exome sequencing (rWES)
This test analyzes the exome, part of the genome that is thought to include most health-impacting mutations.

Patient eligibility

  • Covered under a UnitedHealthcare commercial health plan
  • Infants born at 32 weeks’ gestation or older
  • Currently receiving care in a hospital NICU
  • Clinician believes testing will help influence care decisions

How to participate

  1. Determine if your patient would benefit from the XomeDxXpress®  test. 
  2. Verify sample collection requirements.
    • GeneDx has its own consenting and collection requirements. Reach out to your selected laboratory for further assistance and/or if test kits are needed.
  3. Submit the order for the test.
    • Send the approved test to the participating lab.
      • You must include the code UHC NICU on the order form.
      • You do not need to submit a claim for the test – the lab will bill UnitedHealthcare directly. 

Genetic counseling resources

Once the test has been processed, the lab will contact you to discuss the results. If you or the parent(s) of your patient have questions about genetic testing or the results of the test, or would like genetic counseling, the following services are available:

  • Laboratory support: GeneDx has genetics specialists available to answer questions.
  • Virtual genetic counseling: InformedDNA is a genetic counseling practice that’s in-network with most UnitedHealthcare commercial plans. They provide pre-test and/or post-test genetic counseling and informed consent to the parents of your patients by telephone. They communicate directly with you like any other specialty consultant and bill your patient’s insurance plan.



*When using a test that is part of this program, please refer to the program guidelines above to help ensure proper reimbursement. 

If you are a health care professional in the NICU setting, you may continue to use your current genetic test ordering process through your laboratory of choice, or you may choose to utilize one of the program’s participating lab tests.