Optum Pay™ - Chapter 10, 2022 UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide

Optum Pay offers electronic funds transfer (ACH)/direct deposit and electronic remittance advice (ERA) services. Optum Pay is the preferred method of receiving ACH/direct deposit payments from us. Printable and downloadable provider remittance advice (PRA) documents related to those ACH/direct deposit payments are also accessible in the Optum Pay portal.

Optum Pay delivers electronic payments and provides online remittance advice and 835 files to health care providers, hospitals or facilities.

If you use a billing service company, Optum Pay created a new portal just for third-party billing service companies. The billing service first needs to enroll for access to Optum Pay.

After your billing service enrolls, it can setup users on its Optum Pay account and then associate its Optum Pay account with your practice. This enables the service to access the claim payment information needed to post and close claims.

You may choose to receive electronic payments by direct deposit/ACH into your organization’s bank account. The ACH initial set-up, or a change in banking information will take approximately 10 business days for processing and bank account validation. If ACH/direct deposit is not chosen, a virtual card payment (VCP) will be issued. This method does not require bank account information, as you would process your payments using your credit card point of sale terminal. Your current credit card processing fees apply. You can confirm those rates with merchant processor directly.

In certain unique situations or where required by applicable law, you may be entitled to request payment by paper check. For a list of health care providers who may qualify for an exemption, and how to request one, go to uhcprovider.com/claims > Electronic Payment Solutions > EPS Frequently Asked Questions.

Optum Pay posting and balancing with direct deposit

We will not mail PRAs once you enroll in Optum Pay and consent to electronic delivery of your remittance and PRA documents. However, there are a few options for you to access them electronically:

  1. With the basic level of Optum Pay, you can access the last 13 months of your PRAs in PDF format on Optum Pay.
  2. You can also access the last 24 months of most UnitedHealthcare commercial, Medicare and Medicaid PRAs from the Document Library at no cost.
  3. PRAs from UnitedHealthcare-affiliated networks are generally available at no cost on their portals, such as OxfordHealth and UMR.
  4. If you are using the premium level of Optum Pay, you can access the last 36 months of your PRAs on Optum Pay. 

To sign up, visit uhcprovider.com/payment.