Relate® hearing aids

Relate3.1 is the ideal blend of innovation and reliability. The new hearing aid platform empowers your patients with superior sound quality and enriches life's moments with a series solutions including:

  • Tap control (rechargeable models only)
  • Stay connected to 2 bluetooth devices at once
  • Sleek new styles
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Easy personalization
  • Made-for-all connectivity with true hands-free phone calls

Relate3.1 hearing aids are available in two levels of technology: Silver and Gold. Silver offers a high-quality device designed for affordability and enhanced communication in small groups and quiet environments. Relate Gold is an advanced, comprehensive device for active lifestyles.

Relate3.0 BTE hearing aids

Relate3.1 BTE hearing aids

The line of Relate BTE hearing aids feature enhanced power and comfort for hearing patients.

Relate3.0 RIC hearing aids

Relate3.1 RIC hearing aids

Relate RIC hearing aids offer style and functionality with wireless technology and a fully automatic experience.

Relate2.0 Custom hearing aids

Relate3.1 Custom hearing aids

The family of Relate custom in-the-ear hearing aids delivers powerful sound and clarity.



Optional accessories to enhance the listening experience

Fitting made easy

Provider-friendly and simple to use. Relate fitting software gives you the opportunity to:

  • Conduct a first fit quickly and efficiently
  • Discover simple adjustments to make to personalize Relate hearing aids for your patients

Get trained

Explore our self-paced training module to learn to use the software and work with the hearing aids and accessories to become a Relate product expert.

Provider resources

We’re here to help

Reach out to us at 855-523-9355 with questions about Relate hearing aids.