Provider Forms and References

See the provider forms and references below.

Wellness Registry for Delaware Community Plan Providers

The Wellness Registry is a community services database that contains resources throughout the State of Delaware that can assist in meeting our member’s needs.  It will help you connect members to wellness programs, such as health education and disease management classes. UnitedHealthcare uses the Healthify database as the wellness registry.

To access the Wellness Registry:

  1. Click on the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal button at the top right of and sign in.
  2. Navigate to the Menu at the top left and choose myData Connection Dashboard
  3. Then,  from the myData Connection dashboard, click on the Community Resource Finder tile to access the Healthify Wellness Registry

Health Plan NCQA Accreditation

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan received NCQA New Health Plan Accreditation on July 7, 2010. NCQA's mission is to improve the quality of health care, and participating in their accreditation process is voluntary. NCQA’s New Health Plan Accreditation Program applies to health plans that are less than 36 months old. The program is distinct from NCQA's MCO Accreditation Program. NCQA Accreditation is a nationally recognized evaluation that purchasers, regulators, and consumers can use to assess managed care plans.