Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month

May 2023

As a hearing care professional, you play a critical role in helping people understand the importance of protecting their hearing and treating their hearing loss. You bring your expertise and experience to each appointment to help make sure members are receiving the best possible care and solutions for their hearing loss. During May, we’re encouraging members to be proactive about their hearing health and promoting the benefits.

We continuously work to raise awareness of our hearing benefit and to make it easier for you and our members to work with our program. A few current examples include:

  • Launching a digital payment experience for members so they can pay their balance outside of your office
  • Updating our Provider Directory so it’s easier for members to find you
  • Kicking off one of our largest member mailer campaigns to help raise awareness about hearing health and to encourage members to schedule a hearing exam with you to learn about their treatment options

Thank you for all you do to care for our members and supporting our program.