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The UnitedHealthcare Hearing news section delivers provider, product and program updates and tips for using the provider portal to help you and your practice thrive.

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A summer program that delivers benefits for you and your patients

Have you heard the Relate Reserve Summer Camp ends Sept. 15? Join now to be eligible to receive an extra $100 per device on fittings.

Update your license and liability documents online

Hear to learn how you can complete your annual licensing requirements for UnitedHealthcare Hearing the fast, easy way.

Prevent order delays on some BTEs from Sonova

Hear to learn how to offer your patients alternatives to Sonova rechargeable BTEs during a temporary product shortage.

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Convenient portal training. Greater business efficiencies.
Make your workday go more smoothly — and get paid faster — with our new provider portal. Get trained online any time.

Feel confident with secure messaging
Beginning in July, you must access all messages containing patients’ sensitive information using the provider portal or through secure email.

Helping clinics assist patients through the difficulties of hearing loss
Learn how our Provider Care team members work to support you to make life easier for patients with hearing loss.

Receive extra fitting fees for each authorized Relate fitting
Fit your patients with Relate2.0 hearing aids and get an extra fitting fee per device between now and Sept. 15.



Get trained on Relate for a perfect fit
Become an expert on fitting patients for Relate hearing aids and get an extra fitting fee per device.

Working together to support you

Have you heard about the key findings of our provider survey and what we are doing to make our partnership better?

Let’s stay connected

Have you heard that UnitedHealthcare has a new fax number?

Different ways to access private patient information

Hear to learn about the different ways to access secure patient information in UnitedHealthcare email.

Get certified and get noticed by patients
Complete our online program and become eligible to receive patient referrals for the Relate 2.0 hearing aids.

These differences matter to your practice

Have you heard about how UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealthcare hearing are different?

Fit your patients with high-performing technology

Have you heard about how Relate 2.0 hearing aids are rechargeable and compatible with Bluetooth phones?

Collect out-of-pocket payments upfront

Hear to learn about the key steps in the Provider Portal to identify the amount owed and process the payment.

Great care can get you connected with patients
Positive post-visit patient feedback can effectively grow your practice and may get you more referrals.

Customized for optimal hearing

Have you heard that Relate Reserve 2.0 hearing aids come in custom sizes?

Payment process enhancements

Hear to learn about how to make your practice more efficient and receive payments faster.

Code your documents accurately
New requirements for diagnosis codes on prescriptions and letters of medical necessity.

Your feedback makes a different

Have you heard that tools, such as our provider network survey and patient post-visit survey, provide insights we use to strengthen our partnership?

Credentialing made easy

Have you heard how to enroll with Gemini Diversified Services (GDS) to help simplify credentialing process?

Designed to meet patient needs

Have you heard about how Relate 2.0 hearing aids deliver patients an effortless listening and provide your practice with flexibility?

Find patients faster on the Portal

Hear to learn about the fastest way to locate a patient on the Provider Portal.

2021 referral consultation forms from UnitedHealthcare Hearing
Introducing new referral forms for hearing tests and hearing aid purchases.

Improving for you and the members you serve

Have you heard about our dedicated regional Provider Care teams to serve you better?

Experience richer and clearer sounds with Relate 2.0 hearing aids

Have you heard that the newly designed Relate 2.0 hearing aids featuring state-of-the-art comfort and technology are available now for members?

Maximize your time at UHChearing.com

Hear to learn about how to work quicker and more efficiently in the Provider Portal.