Patient online payment

September 2023

Members now have the option to pay for their hearing devices through the guest payment portal on if they don’t pay during their scheduled appointment.

While it’s still faster to collect out-of-pocket payments during the appointment, this enhancement offers members a convenient way to pay without having to come back into the office or calling your office.

Next steps

For members to utilize the new payment option, you’ll need to generate, sign and accept a quote and then generate the sales order so that the only step left is collecting payment. This can be done in the Provider Portal during the consultation.

Once the sales order has been generated, and if payment has not been captured, we’ll send an email to the member to give them the option to submit their payment online through

If the quote isn’t accepted, our customer care team will promptly contact you and the member to discuss and obtain agreement on the necessary documentation.


If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our provider care team.