EDI 275: Unsolicited Claim Attachments

You can use the EDI 275 Additional Information to Support a Health Care Claim or Encounter transaction to electronically send unsolicited claim attachments to UnitedHealthcare. This refers to any additional documentation submitted with your claim that we may need for processing.

About unsolicited vs. solicited claim attachments

If you submit a claim and attach documentation you think we may need to process the claim, it’s considered an “unsolicited” attachment because we didn’t request it. A “solicited” attachment is documentation we ask you to send us after a claim is submitted.


  • Provides electronic acknowledgment and proof of delivery/receipt
  • Eliminates requests from us for supporting documentation
  • Reduces time spent on manual, administrative tasks
  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases productivity and efficiency

Common claims needing additional medical documentation (attachments)

  • Medical necessity determination (e.g., cosmetic, medical policy or by procedure code)
  • Documentation supporting therapy treatment
  • Documentation for unlisted procedure codes that describes the name of the procedure/service performed or billed
  • Documentation surrounding air ambulance transportation details
  • Documentation explaining the reasons for durable medical equipment (DME) supplies
  • Documentation of operative notes for services performed by a co-surgeon

Getting started

Please contact your clearinghouse to determine if they’re able to submit 275 transactions to UnitedHealthcare.  Please refer to the EDI 275 Companion Guide for more information. 

Next steps

  • You may continue to use the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal to upload supporting documentation (solicited and unsolicited) for all claims. For more details, check out the Claims, Billing and Payments page.
  • If you currently submit 275 transactions to UnitedHealthcare and have questions, please contact EDI Support