Get Quicker Access to Payments

To speed up payments to your practice, UnitedHealthcare is phasing out paper checks and moving to digital transactions, where not prohibited by law.

You’ll need to choose between two options for receiving payment from UnitedHealthcare – ACH/direct deposit or virtual card payments. Both of these are facilitated by Optum Pay on behalf of UnitedHealthcare.

If your practice/health care organization is already enrolled and receiving claim payments through ACH/direct deposit, there is no action you need to take.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) /direct deposit

  • We recommend ACH because it’s the quickest form of payment available and there are no fees for the service. 
  • Payments can be routed by both the tax ID number (TIN) and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number level.
  • Enrollment generally takes less than 10 minutes. You will need to provide your current bank account information.
  • Funds are deposited directly in to your bank account – there are no paper checks or remittance information to lose or misplace.

Virtual Card Payment (VCP)

  • If you don’t enroll in ACH, in most instances you’ll receive a virtual card payment from Optum Pay. VCPs are electronic payments that use credit card technology to process claim payments. There is no requirement to share bank account information.
  • A 16‐digit, single-use virtual card will be issued for payment (single or multiple claims). You’ll receive a VCP in the mail; for quicker access, you can view the VCP statement in Document Library.
  • Each VCP is issued for the full amount of the claim payment. However, VCPs are subject to additional terms and conditions, including fees, between you and your card service processor.
  • You can enroll in ACH even after receiving a VCP. However, ACH will only apply to future payments and can’t be applied to previous payments.

Do you Qualify for an Exemption?

If you receive a letter or email about electronic payments with a 12-digit reference number or you receive a virtual card payment, UnitedHealthcare will make exceptions and continue to pay by paper check for those who qualify.

Need help? Call 877-548-0460 to speak with a representative.


Have questions or want more information? The resources below are updated frequently, and will provide you with important information.

Important Information for Health Care Professionals

  1. Merchant card processing fees may apply to virtual cards. Please reach out to your merchant processor or financial institution for information on specific terms and costs. 
  2. Processing your virtual card indicates your consent to receive and accept virtual card payments as payment in full from the payer. 
  3. Unspent funds for virtual cards are subject to state unclaimed property laws. 
  4. The following health care professionals must consent to receive a virtual card payment:
  • Out-of-network Florida, New Mexico, New York and Oregon medical health care professionals
  • All network and out-of-network Utah, Vermont, Colorado, Georgia and New Jersey medical  health care professionals
  • Indiana dental professionals

The processing of the virtual card is your consent to receive and accept virtual card payments. If you don’t consent, when you receive a virtual card, please call the number provided on your virtual card payment to arrange an alternative payment method. 

  1. You will have the option of signing up for ACH/direct deposit, the preferred method of payment, or to receive a virtual card payment (virtual card). The only alternative to a virtual card is direct deposit. Both options allow you to get paid quickly and securely. The electronic payment solutions will roll out in phases throughout the year, with the first phase beginning mid-2021.
  2. If your practice/healthcare organization is still receiving paper checks, you can enroll in ACH/direct deposit for your claim payments now. If you don’t elect to sign up for ACH/direct deposit, a virtual card will be automatically sent in place of paper checks.


  1. If your practice/healthcare organization is already enrolled and receiving your claim payments through ACH/direct deposit from Optum Pay or receiving virtual cards, there is no action you need to take. 
  2. If you do not enroll in ACH/direct deposit and currently receive your correspondences electronically, your remittance and virtual card statement will be available online through Document Library. A copy of the virtual card will also be mailed to you.
  3. Because this initiative will roll out in phases, you may receive virtual card payments (VCP) for some claim payments and check payments for others (if not enrolled for direct deposit). 
  4. When you’re paid is determined by when you process your payment on your point-of-sale terminal.
  5. OptumHealth Financial Services, a UnitedHealthcare-affiliated company, provides payment services to the health care industry and offers various claim payment options. UnitedHealthcare-affiliated companies may receive transaction fees or other compensation related to some payment options.
  6. The virtual card payment program will exclude KanCare payments. Health care professionals enrolled in ACH/direct deposit will receive their payments accordingly. All other health care professionals will receive KanCare payments through paper check.

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