Behavioral Health

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Featured Provider Information

The Behavioral Health Toolkit for Medical Providers

The Behavioral Health Toolkit for Medical Providers supports PCPs and other providers with a variety of resources organized by the condition they are treating. The Behavioral Health Toolkit provides access to clinical practice guidelines, screening tools, and resources to identify and treat individuals with behavioral health conditions within their practices (or refer if they prefer following identification).

LiveandWorkWell (LAWW)

LAWW is our online health and wellness library. LAWW features thousands of articles, videos and texting programs relating to behavioral health, lifestyle and well-being issue. LAWW provides 24/7 confidential access to professional care, self-help programs and information. Guest access: United > Guest. 

Provider Express

Provider Express is our behavioral health website that providers can access clinical and administrative resources and educational information on a variety of topics such as clinical best practice documentation, recovery, well-being support and health management.

Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) Toolkit

The (I/DD) Toolkit provides resources to assist providers who are supporting individuals with intellectual and/or development disabilities. For example, practice tools, key terms and resources, training and guidelines. Individuals with I/DD receive care from multiple providers and facilities. Coordination of care amongst providers is vital to support maximum well-being. 


Levels of Care and Services Not Utilizing ASAM or Milliman Criteria

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan currently utilizes the following Level of Care Guidelines (LOCGs) to conduct medical necessity reviews of requests for services as they apply to available Behavioral Health benefits.

ASAM 3rd Edition criteria are currently utilized for all Substance Abuse services. ASAM criteria are proprietary and cannot be given to providers or members unless a denial of service(s) is rendered, at which time a copy of the criteria in question can be obtained upon request. 

Providers wishing to access these criteria independently may purchase them through the ASAM American Society of Addiction Medicine (American Society of Addiction Medicine- Patient Placement Criteria, 3rd Edition).

Training and Education