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Join the UnitedHealthcare network as a dental, vision or behavioral health provider. Start the process of credentialing and access network support for any questions.

Thank you for your interest in joining the network of health care professionals and facilities committed to helping people live healthier lives and making the health care system better for everyone. Please begin by selecting your specialty from the list. 

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If you work in this specialty area, you’ll contact Optum Behavioral Health Solutions, which handles credentialing and contracting on behalf of UnitedHealthcare.

To get started, go to or call 800-817-4705.

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If you work in one of these specialty areas, you’ll contact a resource that handles credentialing and contracting on behalf of UnitedHealthcare: Optum Physical Health. (Note that complimentary alternative medicine providers (CAM) include acupuncturists, naturopaths and massage therapists.) Some Oxford members are required to see Oxford participating providers.

To get started, go to or call 800-873-4575.

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If you work in this specialty, you’ll contact a resource who handles credentialing and contracting on behalf of UnitedHealthcare: Dental Benefit Providers.

To get started, visit or call 800-822-5353.

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UnitedHealthcare is committed to ensuring that all our members have access to quality health care, including medical imaging services.

We believe patients deserve assurance that equipment, technologists and physician practices are in compliance with professional society-developed performance standards for CT, MRI, PET, nuclear medicine/cardiology and echocardiography procedures (collectively referred to as "Advanced Imaging Studies").

If you perform Advanced Imaging Studies and bill on a Form CMS 1500, or the electronic equivalent, you must obtain accreditation from one of the following accrediting agencies:

Accreditation is required for the following Advanced Imaging Studies:

  • CT scan
  • Echocardiography
  • MRI scan
  • Nuclear medicine/cardiology
  • PET scan
What you can expect

The Imaging Accreditation requirement applies to global and technical service claims. Please note:

  • The accreditation process can take up to 9 months to complete
  • Accreditation requires submitting an application and fulfilling accreditation standards

Pursuant to our Imaging Accreditation Program, we require accreditation for Advanced Imaging Studies. At this time, however, we will not require accreditation as a condition of eligibility for reimbursement and, therefore, will not administratively deny claims for Advanced Imaging Studies based on lack of accreditation. When a decision is made to activate the claim denial component of the Imaging Accreditation Program, we’ll communicate the effective date to you.

We remain committed to advancing the quality and safety of imaging services through the Imaging Accreditation Program and will keep you apprised of any changes to our program.

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Vision care providers, ophthalmologists and optometrists may contract with UnitedHealthcare in 2 ways:

  • To provide medical services (within the scope of your licensure) go to > select state > Network Management
  • To provide routine vision services, contact UnitedHealthcare Vision Network/Spectera Vision Network by visiting > Join Our Network or call 800-638-3120

Need help with your application status?

To check the status of your credentialing application, sign in with your One Healthcare ID. This allows you to access self-service tools or connect to a chat advocate for support. ​ Please have the care provider’s full name, tax ID number (TIN) and National Provider Identifier (NPI) number available.