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Join the UnitedHealthcare network of medical professionals. This page will walk you through the process of credentialing and provide resources.

Thank you for your interest in joining the UnitedHealthcare network. We’re here to help make the process as easy possible. Our improved onboarding tool, Onboard Pro, located in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, is the first step to request participation in our network.


What to have ready

  • One Healthcare ID
  • Licensing and certification details
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) number
  • W-9
  • Work and education histories
  • Proof of insurance – liability face sheet
  • Current Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) ID, if applicable*

*Verify that CAQH has authorized UnitedHealthcare to see the information

Onboard Pro, the automated onboarding self-service tool that does it all 



Onboard Pro guides you, step by step, through the credentialing process, prompting you for more information when needed.


Once credentialed with UnitedHealthcare, Onboard Pro will automatically trigger the contracting steps of the process.


Once contracted, you’ll set up your profile in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal where you can manage your experience with us.

Joining our network: How the process works from start to finish

The process for joining our network of providers is now even easier. Our digital tool, Onboard Pro, will guide you through the onboarding process from submitting the initial request through credentialing to contracting and managing your experience with UnitedHealthcare.

New group or individual practitioner

Sign in to Onboard Pro. Then, enter the legal name, business name, tax ID number (TIN), state and lines of business to determine next steps. Learn how

Join a practice with an existing UnitedHealthcare group agreement

Even though you are joining a practice that has a UnitedHealthcare agreement in place, you’ll still need to complete the onboarding process before you can see patients as an in-network provider. Sign in to Onboard Pro, which will walk you through the process and redirect you if necessary. Learn how

Become affiliated with a delegated medical group

Please refer to the Delegated Credentialing Requirements section of the Delegated Credentialing Program – Capitation and/or Delegation Supplement UnitedHealthcare Administrative Guide.


UnitedHealthcare automatically starts the process when you approach the 3-year credentialing cycle. If you maintain a complete and current data attestation every 120 days, there's nothing more you need to do. More information is available in the Credentialing and Recredentialing for health care professionals FAQ.

Additional state and federal credentialing requirements

UnitedHealthcare Credentialing Plan 2023–2025

Frequently asked questions

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You can view real-time status updates on your credentialing application in Onboard Pro. Once signed in, you'll be able to see the dashboard, which shows projected completion dates for both contracting and credentialing. If you need additional help, please connect with us 24/7 through chat.

Sign in to Onboard Pro. The tool will walk you through the process of adding a new in-network provider under an existing group contract. 

Yes. Your contract with us can be renegotiated or terminated. Contact your network manager to begin the process or get more information.

Yes. Since Onboard Pro currently only handles single-state requests, you’ll need to submit individual applications for each state. 

The entire credentialing process generally takes up to 14 calendar days to complete once we have a completed application and all required information. After receiving a completed application, we perform primary source verification. Next, we present your request for participation to our credentialing committee. Note: The timeline does depend upon response times from medical schools, residencies, specialty boards and hospitals.

If you are joining a medical group that already participates with UnitedHealthcare on a group contract, you’ll be added to the group contract. If you’re a new health care professional interested in joining the UnitedHealthcare network, we may also mail a contract to you within 5 business days of a request for credentialing. This helps streamline the credentialing and contracting process. If you contract with us for participation in a Medicaid plan, certain state Medicaid agencies may also require you to complete a Disclosure of Ownership Form. If it’s required, we’ll send you the form for completion.

Yes. To streamline the credentialing and contracting process, UnitedHealthcare may also mail a contract to you within 5 business days of a request for credentialing.

  • The receipt of the contract for review from UnitedHealthcare is not a confirmation of an approved credentialing application, authorization to see UnitedHealthcare members or confirmation that you participate in the UnitedHealthcare network
  • You’re required to complete both the credentialing and contracting processes to begin seeing UnitedHealthcare members as an in-network provider
  • Please allow up to 60 days for your contract to be loaded into our systems once credentialing is approved and a signed contract has been received; this will prevent your claim from being denied or paid at an out-of-network level 

If you’re not approved to join the UnitedHealthcare network, you’ll be notified of that decision in writing. It will include information about what you can do if you disagree with our denial of your credentialing application.