Notification of pregnancy

Medicaid notification of pregnancy and identification of risk factors for pregnant and new mothers

You play an important role in the health of new or expectant mothers and their newborns. Our no-cost tools and programs help you support our UnitedHealthcare Community Plan members so they can focus on healthy pregnancy outcomes. 

Pregnancy notification is one click away

You’ll use Care Conductor, the pregnancy notification tool in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal, to notify us of a UnitedHealthcare Community Plan member’s pregnancy. Once in the tool, you’ll complete and submit the Obstetrical Risk Assessment Form (OBRAF). Then our team will review and connect expectant members and their babies with the appropriate maternity support programs and resources.

To submit an OBRAF using Care Conductor, follow these step-by-step instructions.

You can access patient- and practice-specific information 24/7 in the portal. New portal user? Get started here.

Sign in Pregnancy notification is one click away

Is the OBRAF required?

You are required to submit a state-specific form if you’re in one of the following states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Virginia. Please click the appropriate state to complete the manual notification of pregnancy process.

You may also be eligible to earn incentives* for the accurate and timely submission of an OBRAF using Care Conductor in the portal.

Why is the OBRAF important?

By understanding, supporting and embracing the unique needs of those in your care, you play an important role in all that we do together. You can help improve care outcomes and ensure equitable health for all by understanding Cultural Competency and Social Determinants of Health.

Additional maternity support programs 

You have access to a variety of programs to help promote optimal health for expectant mothers and their babies during pregnancy and beyond. Please contact your quality or market maternity lead for more information.

Episodes of Care program

This is a quality-based program that rewards you for delivering high-quality, cost-effective care that’s patient-centered. In an Episodes of Care program, we look at the whole spectrum of care and provide data to help you identify areas of transformational opportunities.

In-home skilled nursing

Our OB Homecare program partners with you to improve high-risk pregnancy outcomes through skilled home nursing supported by technology. We focus on the following areas: 17P, diabetes, nausea and vomiting, preeclampsia. A physician’s prescription is required to participate. 

Timely prenatal and postpartum care incentive programs

The OB Primary Care Physician Incentive program (OB-PCPi) uses HEDIS® quality measures for providers to earn bonuses for helping patients become engaged in preventive health care.

These programs are available to promote optimal health for expectant mothers and their babies during pregnancy and beyond.

Healthy First Steps

Healthy First Steps® (HFS) helps expectant mothers take the right steps to keep herself and her baby healthy through pregnancy and the baby’s first 15 months of life. In many states, Healthy First Steps offers member rewards for attending scheduled doctor appointments.

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Wellhop brings moms together to support each other through pregnancy and beyond. It all happens online through group video conversations with other birthing parents.

Get the details  

If you prefer manual OBRAF submission, download it and fax it to us at 877-353-6913.

*The notification of pregnancy care provider incentive programs are available in specified states. For additional information about these incentives and any requirements, please contact your clinical practice consultant. Incentive amount may change at any time.

HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).