December 01, 2022

Virginia Medicaid: Enroll in the new PRSS

Last modified: Feb. 9, 2023

Updated to include additional information about the enrollment requirement and the process of enrolling in the PRSS portal.

Enrollment is required to maintain compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act

In April 2022, the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) launched a new portal to manage provider enrollment – the Provider Services Solution (PRSS). Medicaid providers will use the PRSS portal, located on the Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) website, to complete enrollment and maintenance processes.

The Federal 21st Century Cures Act requires all providers, including servicing, ordering, or referring providers, who serve Medicaid members through Managed Care Organization (MCO) networks to enroll directly with DMAS through the Medicaid Provider Services Solution (PRSS) Enrollment Portal. Providers who do not initiate an enrollment application with DMAS by Feb. 28, 2023, through the Medicaid PRSS portal will be terminated as a Virginia Medicaid MCO network provider, effective March 31, 2023. Providers will be removed from MCO Medicaid networks and will no longer receive payments for Virginia Medicaid members enrolled in managed care.

You may receive this notice from multiple MCOs, but you only need to submit a single enrollment application. Providers who enroll with the Virginia Medicaid program are NOT required to accept Medicaid fee-for-service members as patients.

Enrolling in the PRSS

Instructions to complete this mandatory process are as follows:  

Find the enrollment application by going to the new Provider Services Solution (PRSS) Enrollment Portal: Click on Menu in the top left corner, select “Provider Enrollment,” and then choose “New Enrollment.” 

Submit your application to Gainwell Provider Enrollment immediately through the PRSS enrollment portal. You may be asked to provide evidence of your submission, so we encourage you to keep a copy of your application. 


Contact the PRSS Provider Enrollment Helpline at 804-270-5105 or 888-829-5373, or via email at

Training and educational resources are available on the MES website.

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