September 21, 2023

Make a difference this Hispanic heritage month

You can share the diversity of care you offer to Spanish-speaking patients with a few, simple actions. Through these small efforts, you can contribute to creating an environment that helps patients feel welcomed and encouraged.

What you can do

  • Update your profile to indicate you and/or health care professionals in your practice speak Spanish, if applicable.
  • Visit our Cultural Competency web page to learn how to showcase your cultural competencies and how to access free CME cultural competency courses.

How to update your profile

Visit our Data Attestation page for instructions on verifying and updating your professional information.

Why it matters

Patients who feel they have a connection with their physician or health care professional tend to seek out care and follow through with treatment plans, which improves health outcomes. Completing continuing education classes and updating your profile can help remove barriers to care for this underserved community.


Visit our Cultural Competency page.

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