January 19, 2023

Florida Medicaid Enrollment Application

Registered Medicaid provider IDs required to enroll with Florida Medicaid

Federal law requires all network health care professionals to enroll with Florida Medicaid by submitting a Florida Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application

How do I apply?

Apply online at From the home page, hover over Provider Services and select “New Medicaid Providers” under the Enrollment section.  If you are a network health care professional for other Florida Medicaid health plans, you only need to submit 1 application.

Application requirements:

  • The name on the application must match exactly the name on file with the IRS, National Provider Identifier (NPI) registration, provider/medical license, and Medicare enrollment, as applicable
  • Organizational healthcare professionals, including incorporated individuals. Must enroll with a unique NPI number
  • Organizations that have multiple locations must enroll with a unique NPI for each service location 
  • Applicants must have a current and eligible background screening for Florida Medicaid. More information is available at

Upload a copy of your email notice with your application. This will help Florida Medicaid confirm you are complying with the enrollment requirement.

For assistance with the application or other provider enrollment related inquiries, please contact the Florida Medicaid Provider Enrollment Call Center at 800-289-7799, option 4.


Contact your provider engagement representative or go to

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