March 22, 2023

Florida: Report resident status changes

Use online form for UnitedHealthcare Community Medicaid Long-Term Care Plan members

Please use the Resident Admission-Discharge Form to notify us when residents with the UnitedHealthcare Community Medicaid Long-Term Care Plan are admitted or discharged from your care facility.

Reporting admissions and discharges begins the process of care planning, scheduling, arranging and continuing care prior to or following treatment in an acute care facility, nursing home, etc. Members may experience delays in benefits and providers may receive administrative denials for services when notifications are not received. 

How to submit Resident Admission-Discharge Form

The form can be submitted online by a patient’s primary doctor or specialist, home or community-based service provider, hospital, nursing home, etc. when they move from one level of care to another.

Access the Resident Admission-Discharge Form under Provider Forms and References for UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Florida. You’ll need a One Healthcare ID to fill out and submit the completed form.

A screen capture of Florida resident admission and discharge form

Don’t have a One Healthcare ID?

Go to UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal registration to sign up.


If you have questions or you’re unable to submit the form online, call Provider Services at 877-842-3210 to submit a notification by phone.

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