February 16, 2023

Changes to Designated Diagnostic Provider network

Effective immediately, the Oregon Designated Diagnostic Provider network no longer includes large group plans of more than 250 individuals. This applies to both lab and major imaging services.

Small group plans of 50 – 250 people remain eligible for Designated Diagnostic Provider benefits.  

Please continue referring your small group patients to Designated Diagnostic Providers. Large group patients no longer require this type of referral.

You can use Point of Care Assist® in your electronic medical records (EMR) workflow to instantly check a patient’s eligibility and see a list of Designated Diagnostic Providers available to your patient. Or if you do not have Point of Care Assist, you can check eligibility at


Visit the Designated Diagnostic Provider - Guide for Referring Providers self-paced learning course to learn more. You may also contact your network representative.

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