February 01, 2023

Wisconsin Medicaid registration requirements

All health care and non-health care professionals treating Medicaid enrollees must be registered with Medicaid prior to performing services, per the 21st Century Cures Act. If you provide care to UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Wisconsin members and don’t have a Medicaid ID number on file with us, we may deny your claims. Claims for emergency care are the only exception to this requirement.

To enroll with Wisconsin Medicaid

Go to the Provider Enrollment Information site on the Wisconsin ForwardHealth Portal and select Start or Continue Your Enrollment Application.

Non-health care professionals

Once Wisconsin Medicaid accepts your enrollment application, you’ll be assigned a Medicaid provider number. Use this number on electronic and paper transactions when submitting to ForwardHealth. Read the Network News article on submitting claims as a non-National Provider Identifier (NPI) provider.

As a specialized medical vehicle provider, personal care agency and blood banks, and other care provider roles not identified as a health care professional, you’re exempt from federal NPI number requirements, per ForwardHealth guidelines.

Helpful resources

Go to the ForwardHealth resource links in the following list, scroll down and click “I Accept” and “Submit Agreement” to get more information on enrolling with Wisconsin Medicaid:


Please reach out to your provider advocate.

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