July 01, 2024

July 2024 Preferred Lab Network list is now available

The following labs will continue to be a part of the Preferred Lab Network for UnitedHealthcare commercial plans, UnitedHealthcare Community Plans and UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Advantage plans for the period starting on July 1:

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  • Laboratory Corporation of America (Labcorp)
  • Quest Diagnostics, Inc.

Genetic/Molecular pathology

  • Myriad Genetic Laboratories, Inc.
  • Natera, Inc.
  • Neogenomics Laboratories, Inc.


  • AmeriPath Inc., Dermpath Diagnostics Inc.
  • Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc.


  • Aegis Sciences Corporation
  • Millennium Health, LLC

Referring patients to these labs may help reduce their out-of-pocket costs for services, as well as lab testing costs for their employer groups.

We’ll highlight these Preferred Lab Network providers in our directories, on July 1, to make it easy for members and health care professionals to identify them. We also include Preferred Lab Network providers in our Designated Diagnostic Provider network.

Preferred Lab Network overview

The Preferred Lab Network consists of currently contracted independent, freestanding laboratory care providers that have met higher standards for access, cost, data, quality and service, based on a rigorous application and review process. We’ll work with these distinguished labs to continue our efforts to improve the care provider and member experience.


View our Preferred Lab Network frequently asked questions for more information.

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