April 01, 2024

UnitedHealthcare Student Resources claims submission and payment updates

Change Healthcare recently experienced a cybersecurity issue that has impacted providers, pharmacies, payers and consumers. Based on our ongoing investigation, there is no indication that UnitedHealthcare Student Resources (UHCSR) systems have been affected by this attack. 

While Change Healthcare actively works to restore functionality, here’s important information about claims submission and payment regarding UHCSR members.

Claims submission

If you are currently submitting claims through the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources Partner Center, there is no impact on claims submission. However, if you submit claims using any other method, please note the following updates:

EDI transactions UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal Paper claims
  • EDI transactions for claims submitted to UHCSR through the Change Healthcare clearinghouse are currently down. 
  • EDI transactions from all other clearinghouses are fully functional and secure.
  • Providers may submit paper claims using the contact information on the member ID card.

Enroll in Optum Pay for claims payment

Claims payments for UHCSR members are currently disrupted. We have implemented electronic payment methods through Optum Pay to streamline our payment processes.

Optum Pay enrollment and registration completion is required to receive funds. If you choose not to enroll in Optum Pay, we will continue to process payments by issuing paper checks.

Once the Change Healthcare system is fully restored, we will promptly communicate with you to facilitate a seamless transition back to Change Healthcare for payment processing, if necessary. 

Update Optum Payer ID with your Clearinghouse

If you use a different Clearinghouse than Optum Insight, it is crucial to ensure that your Clearinghouse account is properly configured to support payments and Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) from Optum Pay with Payer ID 87726. 

Even if you already have an Optum Pay account for Payer ID 87726, it is essential to also have Payer ID 87726 set up on your home Clearinghouse. This will enable the seamless delivery of ERAs directly to your EHR/Practice Management System, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

Failure to do so will require you to manually access the Optum Pay portal to download ERAs and manually post the transactions.


Check out the latest updates and FAQ on the Change Healthcare Cyber Response.


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