March 14, 2024

Improve patient experience with Trellus Elevate

We’re pleased to work with Trellus Health® in offering Trellus Elevate™, a comprehensive program that offers a whole-person support system that empowers patients to manage their inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). In the coming weeks, we may be contacting some of your patients in the New York and Connecticut area to tell them about this program and invite them to sign up for Trellus Elevate at no additional cost.

What this means for you

Trellus Elevate can help you and your practice by:

  • Reducing the volume of incoming messages
  • Minimizing unnecessary health care visits
  • Enhancing patient experience and satisfaction
  • Giving you and your staff more time to focus on clinical and preventive care
  • Centralized access to current best practice recommendations and evidence-based guidelines

What this means for your patients

Trellus Elevate includes the following benefits for your patients:

  • Access to 1-on-1 virtual sessions with a specialized team of nurse educators, dietitians and health coaches
  • Custom-built self-management plans
  • High-touch psychosocial and nutritional support
  • Health and wellness tracking
  • Health maintenance and adherence reminders
  • IBD educational updates and resources

Patient eligibility

The program is available to eligible members who have been diagnosed with IBD and have either the UnitedHealthcare commercial plan or Oxford plan in New York or Connecticut. Not all members in these plans will qualify.

Exclusions include:

  • Members that have Medicare as their primary health care coverage
  • Members under the age of 18
  • Members undergoing active cancer treatment
  • Members with late stage chronic kidney disease

How it works

We’ll reach out to eligible patients by direct mail or email directly to ask them if they are interested in participating in the program.

If you have a UnitedHealthcare patient who you think might benefit from the program, please encourage them to access one of the following websites based on their plan to learn more and find out if they are eligible:


For more information, visit


  • Email
  • Call Trellus at 1-800-989-5503 or reach out to your UnitedHealthcare Provider Advocate


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