June 20, 2024

Washington Medicaid: Less utilization management tasks for ITA members

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Washington network health care professionals will now receive enhanced utilization management support from UnitedHealthcare while caring for members receiving court-ordered Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) inpatient mental health services. Recent ITA updates allow us to now offer more benefits for authorized extended stays and more discharge planning assistance.

What this means for you

You’ll now have less administrative work. The following are among the new services we’ll provide for you:

  • You’ll receive increased authorization amounts when you send us a full clinical review and a current, active court order for inpatient treatment
    • We’ll authorize up to 14 days per review (not to extend beyond the next court date) with a copy of a court order for 120 hours, 14 days and revocation of Less Restrictive Alternative Order (LRA) ITA
    • We’ll authorize up to 28 days per review (not to extend beyond the next court date) with a copy of the court order for 90 or 180-day ITA
  • We’ll now assign you a UnitedHealthcare Transitional Placement Coordinator who’ll assist you with discharge planning and care coordination

Please see the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Washington Apple Health Care Provider Manual for more information. You can also access prior authorization resources using the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. To get started, go to to login using your One Healthcare ID and password. If you don’t have one, visit


For questions, call us anytime at 888-787-4107 and leave a message. We’ll return your call within 24 hours.


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