January 18, 2024

Zero-dollar PRAs now in Document Library

Say goodbye to endless searching. The claim payment reconciliation process just got easier. You can now access separate payment and zero-dollar provider remittance advice (PRAs) within Document Library in the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. Plus, you can set up email notifications, so you’ll immediately know when a PRA is available.

How to access your PRAs

Sign in to the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal and go to Document Library to access your PRAs, 835 files, as well as other letters and documents, for up to 24 months in this secure repository. Here’s how it works:

  • From any page on > Sign In
  • Enter your One Healthcare ID
  • In the portal menu, select Documents & Reporting > Document Library 
  • To access zero-dollar PRAs, go to the Payment Documents folder on the left side of the page.
    • Health care professionals can use Advanced Search to search up to 2 years of payment data
  • To access 835 files, choose the desired health plan and file type: 
    • Commercial/Paid 835s
    • Commercial/Zero-Dollar 835s
    • Medicare/Paid 835s
    • Medicare/Zero-Dollar 835s
    • Community Plan/Paid 835s
    • Community Plan/Zero-Dollar 835s
    • Other/Zero-Dollar PRAs

Turn on notifications for zero-dollar PRAs

To receive email notifications, you must turn on notifications for new zero-dollar PRAs. When those documents are available in Document Library, an email will be sent to the address on file, which is typically the Primary Access Administrator. 

The Primary Access Administrator is the only person who can change email notification preferences (who should get what notifications, set up group email inboxes, etc.). However, now the Primary Access Administrator can also give other users the ability to edit their email notifications in Document Delivery Settings.

As a convenience, notifications for zero-dollar PRAs will be auto-enabled for all in-network providers. 

Out-of-network providers will need to manually enable zero-dollar PRA notifications. To update email notification preferences, the Primary Access Administrator must do the following: 

  • Sign in to the portal with their One Healthcare ID
  • On the top right, click profile name
  • Then, under Profile & Settings, click Communication Preferences and select Document Delivery Settings 
  • Select Payment Documents and choose the desired health plan
  • Check the zero-dollar PRAs box and confirm your email information

For more information about updating your email notification preferences, please refer to the Profile & Settings interactive guide.

Questions? We're here to help.

Chat with us 7 a.m.–7 p.m. CT, Monday – Friday from the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal. For additional contact information, visit our Contact us page.

For help accessing the portal, technical issues and changing notification preferences, please contact UnitedHealthcare Web Support at 866-842-3278, option 1, 7 a.m.–9 p.m. CT, Monday–Friday.


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