Digital solutions

Going digital means less paper and more automation, faster workflow between applications and quicker claims submission process to get you paid faster. Our three digital solutions help to make that a reality, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. There’s flexibility to choose the best approach for your practice, and there’s the ability to integrate with the practice management systems you use today.

Application Programming Interface (API)

With API, you can access comprehensive real-time data on a timetable you set. Data can be distributed to your practice management system, proprietary software or any application you prefer. 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

With EDI, you can submit single or batch transactions for multiple members and payers without manual data entry or logging into multiple payer websites.

UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

Our portal allows you to quickly get the answers you need to claims information like status updates, reconsiderations and appeals. You can also submit prior authorization requests, check eligibility and benefits information and access items in Document Library. All at no cost to you and without having to make a phone call.

Learn the differences between each solution

To understand the high-level differences between each digital solution, check out our Digital Solutions Comparison Guide. 


Real-time data sharing and automation using new technology in health care

Good for:

  • Obtaining detailed information on claim status and payments, member eligibility and benefits
  • Submitting reconsiderations and appeals with attachments and accessing paper correspondence
  • Offering flexibility with distributing data in various format for viewing, including, but not limited to, practice management systems, proprietary software, portals and spreadsheets
  • Replacing manual or partial electronic methods for obtaining information
  • Practices with high claim volume


Electronic connectivity to help you work better with us

Good for:

  • Submitting claims and other EDI transactions to multiple payers from your practice management system or hospital information system through a clearinghouse
  • Automating electronic transactions, such as eligibility, which enables you to have current coinsurance, deductible and benefit information readily available while the patient is present, and before filing the claim
  • Helping to increase your cash flow, due to the expediency and accuracy of information exchanged and lowering costs on paper forms, supplies and postage

UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal

Self-service capabilities to save time and easily access documentation

Good for:

  • Accessing information digitally at no cost to you and your practice
  • Checking eligibility and benefits details like copay, coinsurance and deductible amounts
  • Reviewing and downloading prior authorization letters, provider remittance advice and reports
  • Transactions that are not available with EDI
  • Practices with low claim volume