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Virginia UHC Care Advantage

UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living plans are Institutional Special Needs Plans (ISNPs) for members who live in a contracted assisted living facility and require an institutional level of care.  These plans do not require referrals for specialty care.

  • UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan (HMO-POS I-SNP)
  • UnitedHealthcare Assisted Living Plan (PPO I-SNP)

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans have a defined network of contracted local physicians and hospitals to provide member care. Generally, members must use these care providers to receive benefits for covered services, except in emergencies.

Point of Service (HMO-POS) plans include all the features of HMO plans plus the ability to go outside the contracted network for certain health care services - typically at a higher cost.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans work with a network of contracted local physicians and hospitals, but also allows members the flexibility to seek covered services from outside of the contracted network, usually at a higher cost.

UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans (SNPs) that combine the hospital and doctor coverage of Medicare Parts A and B with Part D prescription drug coverage, plus additional benefits and services designed to meet the unique needs of identified Medicare consumer populations.