Wyoming UnitedHealthcare® MedicareDirect (PFFS)

UHC MedicareDirect Medicare Advantage plans are Private Fee-For-Service (PFFS) plans that provide Medicare beneficiaries with a wide variety of health care benefits, often at a lower cost than Original Medicare. Members of UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect plans are still covered under the Medicare program and have federally regulated rights and protections.

  • UHC MedicareDirect (PFFS) – with drug coverage
  • UHC MedicareDirect Patriot No Rx (PFFS) – no drug coverage

While the exact benefits will vary depending on the specific plan, UnitedHealthcare MedicareDirect plans provide members the option to seek care from any Medicare-eligible care provider without a referral, as long as the care provider agrees to the plan's terms, conditions and payment rates.