Refer your patients to a Designated Diagnostic Provider

Lab and Imaging services will be paid at a higher tier/lower cost share for members when delivered by a Designated Diagnostic Provider. If a member has this benefit and receives services from a provider that is not a Designated Diagnostic Provider, services will be paid at the lowest tier/higher cost share according to their plan.

This change will apply to fully insured commercial plan members as plans renew, in approved states.

Confident care at a lower cost for patients

When you refer patients to a Designated Diagnostic Provider, you:

  • Optimize patient health: Build trust with patients by working with them to make informed health care decisions and helping them save money by referring them to Designated Diagnostic Providers
  • Improve transparency: Demonstrate to patients that you are an active partner in helping them understand their options, getting care and avoiding spending too much
  • Lower costs: Identifying Designated Diagnostic Providers when you’re making referrals helps your practice avoid rework (calls from patients later looking for additional referral options), eliminate patient frustration (finding out referrals are out-of-network) and help lower overall medical costs

Check eligibility and find a Designated Diagnostic Provider

Point of Care Assist

  • Use Point of Care Assist® in your electronic medical records (EMR) workflow to instantly check a patient’s eligibility and see a list of Designated Diagnostic Providers available to your patient

Provider Portal

  • Check your patient’s eligibility electronically or member ID card to see if they have a Designated Diagnostic Provider benefit plan
  • Use the Provider Directory to find a list of Designated Diagnostic Providers available to your patient


  • Watch the online course to learn how to refer your patients to the appropriate place for care