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Florida: Report resident status changes

Report changes for UnitedHealthcare Community Medicaid Long-Term Care members.

Iowa: Join us in person at our provider expo

Sign up today and stay current on claim submissions, payment accuracy requirements, self-service tools and more.

March monthly overview

Review the latest UnitedHealthcare prior authorization, medical policy, pharmacy, reimbursement, laboratory and policy and protocol updates.

Nebraska Medicaid: System updates to the claims editing application

Updates to the claims editing application will enhance efficient management of submitted claims. Learn more.

Tackle claims tasks with greater ease and speed

Use the digital solutions provided by the UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal to save time and expedite your claim-related tasks.

New eConsult platform for specialty care

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas has partnered with AristaMD® to help make it easier for you to connect with specialists and get guidance on a member’s disease or illness quickly.

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