July 01, 2024

Add your merchant ID in My Practice Profile

The UnitedHealthcare Care Cash program offers members the option to pay for their medical services with an employer-granted Mastercard® debit card. The card processes transactions like other debit or credit cards, so a merchant ID (MID) is required. To help, you can add it to My Practice Profile.

How to identify your merchant ID

This is a unique 15-digit (numeric or alphanumeric) code provided by a payment processor for debit and/or credit card payments. You can find your 15-digit MID in these 3 locations:

  • Monthly bank statement
  • Merchant account statement
  • Credit card payment terminal (at the front desk)

Where to add your MID in My Practice Profile

Once you find your MID, sign in to My Practice Profile and complete the following steps:

  • Click on Practice Profile
  • Select View and edit profile
  • Under the Provider Demographics tab, select the “…” in the Actions column and select View and Edit for the desired the health care professional
  • Scroll down to Qualifications, then look for the Merchant Identification Number
  • If a 15-digit code(s) is listed, validate its accuracy; if accurate, no further action is needed
  • If the MID doesn’t match your records, please select Add and enter the correct MID
    • Please note the removal of any incorrect MIDs listed

For behavioral health care professionals, you’ll need to use Provider Express to add your MID. We’ll send a separate communication to you with instructions on how to do that. 

Care Cash card example

Patients can use the Care Cash card like any debit, credit or gift card to pay for eligible medical services. The following is an example of the UnitedHealthcare Care Cash card:


Watch the Care Cash card informational video


For more information on the Care Cash program, please call 877-842-3210.


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