September 17, 2020 at 8:23 PM CT

Support During Natural Disasters

UnitedHealthcare is taking action to help care providers who may be affected by wildfires, hurricanes, storms and other severe weather. Learn more about the temporary provisions for Alabama, California, Florida, Mississippi, Oregon and Washington.

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Training and Education

Please see below for a list of our current training materials for care providers.

OptumHealth Education and Optum Provider Express offer a variety of informational webinars and training resources for providers. Training classes, guides and resources are added frequently.

  • OptumHealth Education (Last Modified 06.08.2018) - OptumHealth Education offers accredited, on-demand webcasts and information regarding upcoming conferences for both physical and behavioral health providers. Some activities include Disease Management, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavioral Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
  • Provider Express Webinars & Training Resources - Optum Provider Express offers informational webinars and training resources for providers to learn more about how to use the website and other topics that may be vital to your practice.
    • Online training for Behavioral Health Providers is available under “UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Prior Authorization Training for Behavioral Health Providers”.
  • Provider Express Training & Guided Tours - Optum Provider Express offers guided training about prior authorization, eligibility and benefits, and claims (claim entry, corrected claims, claim inquiry, etc.). First-time user training is available as well as a technical resource guide.

UHC On Air is your source for on-demand education created specifically for UnitedHealthcare providers. It gives you in-depth information and meaningful updates from UnitedHealthcare 24/7 and can be accessed from any device.

UHC On Air Topics

  • Accountable Care Programs: Programs related to your ACO partnership with UnitedHealthcare.
  • Claims and Payments: Get the most recent claims processing information.
  • Link Tutorials: Tutorials will quickly get you up to speed with our online self-service tools.
  • Reform and Regulations: Get up-to-date regulatory data.
  • State-Specific Information: Each state has its own page for state-specific information and resources.

How to Access UHC On Air

Upcoming Training and Educational Resources

There are several educational and training opportunities available to you, as your practice incorporates the integrated managed care (IMC). If you have any questions, reach out to Andrea Ray at

Building Telehealth Capability for Behavioral Health
Join a 4-week series of web-based trainings on telehealth in the behavioral health setting, starting April 22nd from 2 - 3pm. The trainings are one hour, two times a week. Go to Behavioral Health Institute -Behavioral Health Training, Workforce and Policy Innovation Center for additional training information and to register.

Integrated Managed Care Education And Training Recorded Webinars

Delivering Suicide Safe Care
This webinar features experts in the Western Washington region highlighting key elements of the Bree Collaborative suicide safe care recommendations. 

Shared Decision-making and Behavioral Health Interventions for Patients with Depression
This webinar features experts from the University of Washington Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions (AIMS) Center leadership discussing evidence-based strategies and interventions for removing common barriers of initiation and continuation of recommended treatment when caring for patients with depression.

Common Behavioral and Physical Health Co-Morbidities
The webinar will feature experts in the Western Washington region and highlight key elements of behavioral and physical health care assessment and integrated care planning. 

Behavioral Health Integration for Primary Care Providers
This provides an overview of the Bree Collaborative recommendations for integration of behavioral health in primary care standards implementation for pediatric and adult primary care practices and perspectives from providers that have adopted these recommendations in their care delivery models.