2023 Regulatory requirements: Provider directories

February 2023

Federal requirements mandate that provider information is current and correct in published provider directories in 2023. To support this regulation, the UnitedHealthcare Provider Directory has launched on our Provider Portal and attestation is live.

An initial attestation date is loaded for all providers and practices that have not yet completed an attestation. Please continue to check the Provider Portal and be aware of all notifications and warning regarding when your next attestation is due. This will ensure you and your practice remain compliant and can accept new referrals.

How to verify your Provider Directory information: 

  • Sign in to the UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal
  • Review your provider profile and practice location details
  • Make changes by editing fields or submitting a case for any incorrect information
  • Attest to the accuracy of your information
  • Set a reminder to check the Provider Portal every 90 days

Learn how to sign in and keep your demographic information up to date to connect with members and receive referrals with UnitedHealthcare Hearing Portal Training.