Treat hearing loss with confidence using Relate products

February 2023

Explore the new Relate™ training course to help you get to know the upgraded Relate product portfolio and 5.3 Aura:fit software. 

The self-paced, educational module helps you understand more about Relate hearing aids including: 

  • All levels of technology are available for in-person fittings
  • Details about Silver and Gold technology levels
  • Information on acoustic coupling options, accessories and true hands-free streaming of phone calls and media with iOS®, Android® and other Bluetooth® phones 

Take the new 2023 Relate training course today and get certified.

Relate product alert

With the launch of Relate3.1, Relate3.0 BTE and RICs, as well as Relate2.0 custom products will be discontinued. Please reach out to us with any questions at 855-523-9355.