State-specific clinical requirements for pediatric patients (ages 17 and under)

March 2024

Many states have specific clinical requirements, such as medical evaluations and prescriptions prior to the dispensing of hearing aids to a person under the age of 18. While UnitedHealthcare Hearing may not require that clinical documentation be provided to us prior to authorizing the ordering of hearing aids for pediatric patients, network providers are expected to comply with their state-specific clinical requirements for dispensing hearing aids as outlined in Section 14 of the Practice Participation Agreement1 between you and Ear Professionals International Corporation DBA EPIC Hearing Healthcare and DBA UnitedHealthcare Hearing.  

In the event that UnitedHealthcare Hearing is audited by a state entity and required to provide evidence of compliance with its clinical documentation requirements, we will reach out and request the clinical documentation for the member(s) included in the audit. Therefore, please ensure you comply with requirement and can provide evidence of such compliance by submitting a copy of clinical documentation to UnitedHealthcare Hearing upon request.

Should you have any questions regarding this notice, please email us at

Pediatric Program

Our Pediatric Program, for pediatric specific product lines only, includes a 5-year warranty and a complimentary accessory for all levels of technology, for members ages 0–17.