Receive faster authorizations by making partial payments

April 2023

Receive authorizations faster by using our Provider Portal to calculate and collect a patient’s out-of-pocket payment. The process is helpful for patients who want to use multiple credit cards to pay their full amount. Partial payment is not to be used as a payment plan. You’re encouraged to utilize Care Credit if a payment plan is needed.

How to process partial payments

Sign in to the UnitedHealthcare Hearing Provider Portal and complete the following steps on the patient’s account:

  • Select “Partial Payment” and enter the amount the patient would like to pay with the first credit card
  • Click “Proceed” to complete the transaction
  • Click “Manage payment” to apply the next portion of the amount due
  • Enter the second amount the patient would like to pay with the next credit card and click “Proceed”

Repeat the steps for each amount and subsequent credit card until the out-of-pocket portion is paid in full.